Only Attend Meetings That Count: Why I Won’t Go to Your ‘Mandatory’ Meeting

Are your team members attending every meeting they are invited to?  Should they be?  I’d argue that most people should be actively declining a large swath of the meetings they are invited to.  In fact, if your team members aren’t declining meetings, I’d […]

Refining and Applying Methodology and Rules of Engagement at the Onset of New IT Consulting (B2B) Projects

As a consultant and the director and controller of a software consulting company, I’m often regularly engaged as a consultant on new projects with new clients as part of a contract for services business relationship. As a consultant it’s important […]

How to Drive Change, Reduce Regression & Technical Debt, and Make Data Driven Decisions that Inspire Confidence in Business Owners

Recently, I had the opportunity to come on board a complex enterprise application project for one of Canada’s biggest financial and insurance firms.  I was brought in as a consultant half way through one of their new significant enterprise application […]